Hanen Program Natural Language Development Strategies

The Hanen Program was developed by a speech-language pathologist by the name of Ayala Hanen Manolson in 1975. It began as an early language intervention program for children with language delays and has since grown to include programs for language delay, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), asperger syndrome, and language and literacy development.

The Hanen Program incorporates the involvement of parents to reach maximum results in language development. The model believes that children learn best through everyday activities when motivated by those they value as important in their lives, in naturalistic settings. Training programs are offered for parents, caregivers, speech and language pathologists, and early childhood educators to help them assume the primary role in promoting language, social and literacy development.

The Hanen Program offer research-based, group oriented programs that teach practical strategies that encourage children to learn naturally. In the parent training series, parents learn to create opportunities for their child’s language skills to develop. This is taught through a combination of individual consultations where the child is present with a speech language pathologist and group training sessions where the parents are present with the speech language pathologist. Programs are then selected based on diagnostic category or area of delay. For early childhood educators, programs such as; Learning Language and Loving it ™ , Teacher Talk ™ , and ABC and Beyond ™ are are available through the Hanen Programs that teach the skills and tools needed to make learning language and literacy natural and fun!

Core values include:

  • Understanding and respecting parental and educator involvement in language programs
  • Understanding and recognizing the stage and style of children’s communication
  • Respecting each child’s unique interests and motivations
  • Creating learning opportunities during everyday activities for language to develop naturally

Link to the Hanen Center website for more information.