Autism: The Potential Within

Autism: The Potential Within

Profectum Foundation’s Senior Faculty, Richard Solomon, MD has written a new book titled, Autism: The Potential Within: The PLAY Project Approach to Helping Young Children with Autism.  

Autism: The Potential Within, describes the journey of Jacob Grant – a composite of all young children with autism – and his family as they learn The PLAY Project approach.  The book follows Jacob along the path from early diagnosis until entry into kindergarten.  Through a series of office visits, “Dr. Rick” empowers Jim and Julie Grant to be Jacob’s best play partners.  He also guides them on how to use Jacob’s misbehavior – tantrums in public, sibling rivalry, picky eating, and sleep problems – to help him learn appropriate behavior and social skills. Over time, Jacob moves from nonverbal to constantly talking, and from self-isolation to being warmly connected.

About Dr. Solomon

Richard Solomon, MD, is a practicing Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician and the Medical Director at The Ann Arbor Center for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, and founder of The PLAY Project. He is board certified in Pediatrics and Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics and has been diagnosing and treating children with autism spectrum disorders for over 25 years. With a reputation as the “fun” doctor, Rick is known for his ability to make children smile and laugh, calming their fears and building trust. His overall approach is influenced by his work alongside autism and child development visionaries T. Berry Brazelton, Stanley Greenspan MD, Mr. Fred Rogers, and Ivar Lovaas, PhD.

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