Lindamood-Bell instruction offers a global, balanced, and interactive approach to learning for individuals with previous diagnoses of dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders, general learning disorders, and to those who wish to make learning easier or simply enhance their skills.

Founded in 1986 by Nanci Bell and Patricia Lindamood, Lindamood-Bell instruction offers traditional reading and tutoring programs that focus on content instruction and the processing necessary for reading and comprehension in children and adults of all ages and levels.

Lindamood-Bell instruction is individualized and based on the needs of the learner. Each individual’s strengths and weaknesses are identified by instructors to determine specific areas of reading, comprehension, and math that may be impacting school performance. Traditional reading and tutoring programs are offered with the highest level of instructional quality and fidelity to develop the underlying skills to reading and comprehension. This process includes the integration of processing skills, sensory-cognitive functions, identifying individual differences, independence, and dual coding theory.

Lindamood-Bell instruction programs are unique, effective, and research validated.

Each Lindamood-Bell instruction program is carefully designed to assist children and adults to read and comprehend to their potential. The Seeing Stars ® program is offered for reading fluency and spelling, the Visualizing and Verbalizing ® program targets cognitive development, comprehension and thinking,  the Talkies ® program is offered for oral language comprehension and expression, the Lindamood phoneme sequencing ® program targets reading, spelling, and speech (LIPS ® ) and the On Cloud Nine (OCN) ® program offers visualizing and verbalizing for math. Although results may vary, each program’s sensory-cognitive instruction has proved results with intensive treatment amongst Lindamood-Bell learning centers and school partnerships.

Key elements of Lindamood-Bell instruction

  • Applicable to children and adults of all ages and levels
  • Individualized based on the needs of the learner
  • Based on the theory of cognition
  • Research validated instruction used to strengthen sensory-cognitive functions needed for reading and comprehension
  • Multi-sensory programs that are cross disciplinary

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